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This website is not intended to be a training manual, but rather to give you an overview of what has happened to others as a result of joining our company.

Whether you looking for financial freedom, more time to spend with your family or to be your own boss, we have a proven step by step plan to help you achieve your goals.

This is simply part of our screening process and when you get started with us you will appreciate that we don’t have the time to talk with those people that are just time wasting lookers. 

We are serious about what we are doing and just want to work with those people that match up with our goals and desires.

If you are looking for $1,000-$3,000 per month then this probably not for you , you can get that as a corporate hostage.

We are looking for serious people wanting to make $8,000- $20,000 per month , and are teachable and willing to do what it takes to achieve that.

We are willing to work and to teach you exactly what to do.

Your next step is to call us on one of the numbers below or email me directly at with the best time for me to call you.

if our goals match up we will be answering all your questions and getting you started to financial freedom.

Your final step is to contact me and see if we match up  

Australia (02) 90988475 

New Zealand 0277739011 

United States (619) 309 4080


Nick Paxinos